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Media By Moonlight is an independant studio focused on producing story-driven content with engaging characters and a variety of archetypes. We hope to encourage media diversity and help content consumers find more to relalte to.

Art by PuppetPinixy on dA
Art By Media By Moonlight
Art by Satina56 on dA
Image by Lamiaverbena on dA
Art by Sh1non on dA

Short animation episodes following the story of a strange asylum in a mysterious city.

Fantasy comic follows the adventures of two young girls who do not speak the same tongue as they explore the galaxy.

Short animations about a young reaper who can not, will not, and does not reap. 

A young boy seeks to avenge his father's death and uncovers lots of family secrets along the way.

Teensy [Animation]
Space Lesbians [Comic]
Asylum 1 3 [Animation]
BatWing [Book]